Our children dance group.

They are a part of our very own “whole”. From the large stock of experiences of the “Hellige Knäächte un Mägde”, who already danced before them, they are to draw their own lessons today, in order to take them with them into life and into adulthood. We hope that our young dancers will experience one thing above all else, to “enjoy the fun“.

The repertoire of the group includes six dances, which we put together individually for each performance. Our young nights and maids love to dance for children and teenagers and with their performances in homes for the elderly and hospitals they bring joy to places where joy is sometimes lacking. At the end and as the highlight of the carnival season, our dancers can look forward to participating in the great Cologne “Rosenmontag“ parade.

Our contact person for your questions and bookings:

Birgit Faßbender
Phone: +49 221 9527550
Mobile: +49 160 7519529

Email: birgit.fassbender@hkm-ev.de