• Hellige Knäächte un Mägde®

    Cologne’s first. dance group

    invites to dance
  • Our history ensemble.

    Get to know our current and traditional dance show


Our history ensemble.

This unique journey through time delights with historical choreographies, round dance and songs from four centuries of eventful Cologne history and at the same time describes the path of our ancient municipal formation.

Our traditional dance group.

Our always modern dances and special productions surprise with originality, wit and their relation to current events. We integrate well-known local music from Cologne and the latest hits into our medleys / potpourris and present elements of ballet, revue, show dance and Cologne folk dance.

Our children dance group.

Our young ones are supposed to celebrate their very own carnival and despite the traditional and dear costume it can sometimes get wild, loud and crazy. We don’t just leave the typical Cologne Fastelovend in the archives, but let our children experience it “with heart and intellect” – but never forgetting the fun.

Take a closer look

We are Cologne’s first and oldest dance formation – but what is behind this title and what responsibility do we have? We would like to give you an insight into our work and values, which we fill with life…

“I love to put a smile on people’s faces with our traditional dances.”

“Students, accountants, nurses, car salesmen, firefighters or office workers – everyone is different here and yet we all have the same thing in common: the joy of dancing and the Cologne lifestyle.”

“Every time I enter the stage with the Hellige, it feels like I’m coming home.”

“Pure emotions.”