Our history ensemble.

Our current and original Cologne dance show, based on old-time dancing, we have called “Met Schlöpp un Knöddele” (engl.:”with loops and knots”). The almost forgotten Cologne dances, rounds and melodies from the 18th century to the 30s of the last millennium are revived here.

After years of intensive preparation and research and with the help of specialists for the historical dance sequences of the “Hellige Knäächte un Mägde”, the first six dances premiered in December 2017. These include the currently oldest piece, a historical chain dance from around 1750 and a typical Cologne quadrille composed by Willi Ostermann, the great artist and singer of our city around 1910. The dance pieces developed in and for today’s time are based on original notes, step sequences, texts and rhymes and are choreographed and arranged for both “large” and “small” orchestras.

Since the evening of the premiere, new performances have been constantly added. In 2019, for example, the special production “Parisian Life” was performed in the Cologne Opera on the occasion of the 200th birthday of the world-famous Cologne-born composer “Jacques Offenbach” and broadcast live by WDR on the occasion of the “Kölner Lichter”.

Lovingly choreographed and played cheerfully with the instruments of the respective musical epochs, we show the dances in our traditional festive costumes. This includes, for example, the “Kölnische Treckmützchen” (a round little bonnet) which decorated our maids until the turn of the century.

The duration and scope of our performances are individually tailored to the occasion and the ideas of the hosts.

Our contact person for your questions and bookings:

Anica Cüpper
Mobile: +49 172 2050109
Email: anica.cuepper@hkm-ev.de